La Routine: New Year Skin Refresh

Experience Sommetbeauty at home with a rejuvenating and replenishing routine curated by our expert estheticians. Reset and refresh your complexion with this day and night 5 product régime.


1. Cleanse & Revitalize

Begin your routine with the multifaceted VENN Moisture Balance All-In-One Cleanser for a purified, refreshed canvas.  

2. Combat Fatigue 

Reset with De Mamiel Fatigue Fix– this targeted serum is formulated to replenish and energize tired skin.   

3. Nourish & Indulge

Massage and moisturize with the luxurious Irene Forte Prickly Pear Face Cream– abundant in antioxidants and the restorative essence of prickly pear, this cream deeply nourishes and revitalizes your complexion.  

4. Soothe & Seal

Elevate your skincare ritual with the Furtuna Replenishing Balm. This versatile balm offers targeted hydration and soothing relief, providing respite to fatigued areas and sealing in moisture.  

5. Illuminate

Unveil bright and refreshed eyes with a touch of Julisis Eyemulsion, treating puffiness and dark circles with a lightweight, effective formula. 


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